How to Speed Up Your Metabolism After 40

The Best Tips and Products To Help Speed Up Your Metabolism

How to speed up your metabolism after 40 and bring sexy back! As we get older our bodies naturally decrease in muscle mass while the amount of fat stored increases, which in turn slows down our baseline metabolic rate.

This can result in a range of issues from constipation and fatigue to stress-induced sugar cravings. So try and step away from the cookies and in this article, we will tell you the secrets of how to speed up your metabolism after 40.

This article will also show you seven ways to lose fat at mid-life. Studies have proven that diets high in sugar can decrease the metabolization of serotonin in the body, slowing down the body’s metabolic rate.

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When you enter mid-life it takes a lot more exercise and effort than it did when you were in your 20s and early 30s to stay fit+healthy. The good news is that now you are older and wiser, and quite frankly more concerned with taking care of your body and hopefully doing all the right things to stay fit. Read more about how to speed up your metabolism after 40.

Gone are the days of silly diet fads (hello South Beach Diet and Atkins) or taking diet pills that claimed would make you skinny in one week. It's not that hard to speed up your metabolism after 40, you just need to know what to eat!

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For women, estrogen levels begin to decline as a woman begins perimenopause so women start losing muscle mass and storing more fat. Our eating habits, hormones, and activity levels all begin to change as we get older so we have to work smarter and harder.

Why Metabolism Slows After 40

The body's metabolism works by burning calories, which is determined by your body size and composition of body fat. The more body fat we have, the less our bodies burn calories. 

This means that as we age, our level of physical activity decreases as well as how much food we eat — all these factors lead to a slowing down of the metabolism. 

Moreover, hormones like testosterone and estrogen also play a role in this slowing down of the metabolism.

Tips On How To Speed Up Your Metabolism After 40

  • Eat 25 to 30 grams of protein in the morning
  • Continue to eat protein throughout the day for lunch and dinner it's all about protein timing
  • Eat your fruits and veggies
  • Eat less at night (whatever time you go to bed try to stop eating at least 4 hours before)
  • Eat smaller portion
  • Look at calorie intake
  • Hydrate regularly as dehydration leads to slow calorie burned rate.
  • Ditch soda if you already haven't
  • As fun and sometimes relaxing as it can be alcohol does not do you any favors if you're trying to slim down that waistline
  • Obvious but often ignoredexercise. Especially strength training. Strength training exercises like lifting weights or doing body-weight exercises, like burpees or push-ups, and squats (at least two to three times a week) can help you keep those muscles. Conversely, It works on a different note if you have more muscle mass then your body burns calories faster. Increasing lean muscle mass helps to increase metabolism and those muscles help your body burn more calories. Just move!
  • Get good quality sleep.

Best Foods For How To Speed Up Your Metabolism After 40

Cacao The monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) present in dark chocolate is known to boost metabolism which stimulates the body to burn calories faster. Try choosing a chocolate high in cacao 60% or more. The good news is that chocolate in small quantities is a great food to enjoy and feel guilt free while eating.

a photo of cacao in a spoon and how to speed up your metabolism after 40

Blueberries Metabolism Boosting Powers: Berries, such as blueberries and strawberries, are low in calories and high in fiber, a key factor in weight control.

a photo of blueberries and how to speed up your metabolism after 40

Flax SeedsFull of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) just like cacao, flax seeds are the perfect seed to help flatten the tummy.

a photo of flaxseeds and how to speed up your metabolism after 40

Avocados include plenty of healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats to help boost your metabolism and keep hunger at bay.

a photo of an avocado and how to speed up your metabolism after 40

Chili Peppers also called Capsaicin: Found in hot peppers (including chilis and cayenne powder), capsaicin can boost metabolism as well as suppress your appetite, at least slightly.

a photo of chili peppers and how to speed up your metabolism after 40
Chili Pepper

Apple Cider Vinegar In addition to its appetite-suppressing effects, apple cider vinegar has also been shown to slow the rate at which food leaves your stomach.

TomatoThis fruit is plump with antioxidants, one of the most significant being - lycopene. According to experts, lycopene may rev up metabolism naturally.

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Greek Yogurt (no sugar if possible) Eating Greek yogurt, as part of a balanced diet that includes enough protein, fibrous carbohydrates, and healthful fats may aid weight loss and boost metabolism.

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Greek Yogurt

Cinnamon This spice naturally boosts your metabolism, improves digestion and helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Sweet Potato Consuming sweet potato helps rehydrate your cells and boost metabolic activity in the body.

a photo of sweet potato fries and how to speed up your metabolism after 40
Sweet Potato

GarlicWe love garlic because it's responsible for boosting energy levels that burn all the calories, keeping you fitter. It is known to boost your metabolism, further helping you lose weight.

a photo of garlic and how to speed up your metabolism after 40

Beans a.k.a.Legumes are also high in arginine, an amino acid that may increase the number of carbs and fat your body can burn for energy.

a photo of legumes and how to speed up your metabolism after 40

Warm lemon waterDrinking warm lemon water in the mornings can increase feelings of fullness and boost metabolism slightly, which can help with weight loss.

a photo of lemon water and how to speed up your metabolism after 40
Lemon Water

Coffee One of the few substances known to help mobilize fats from your fat tissues and increase metabolism.

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Tumeric Most of turmeric’s health properties can be attributed to curcumin, a compound that has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It's said to hold promise for weight loss but again this needs to be studied more. We still added it to the list because inflammation is super important, so include this in your diet.

Grapefruit This beloved fruit boasts naringenin. This antioxidant has been found to help your body use insulin more effectively. That helps keep your blood sugar in check and boosts calorie burn.

Green tea - Cider Vinegar with Green Tea combo to trigger fat burn and increase metabolism. Studies have found that drinking green tea combined with ACV resulted in more of a metabolic boost than one alone. Green Tea also helps protect against inflammation, diabetes, cancer and other diseases as well. Even if you are experiencing weight gain green tea will come to rescue you!

Try the Apple Cider Vinegar Morning Routine.

Try doing this first in the morning first when you wake up. It’s important to do this before you eat anything! (Do this before your morning cup of coffee.)

Warm-up some water in a kettle or microwave water in a mug (use filtered water)  Squeeze one-quarter of a lemon into your mug. Add one tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar. If you absolutely need to because it’s too bitter, you can add in a small amount of honey. It’s better not to add any kind of sugar though but whatever makes it better for you, just do that. You can also sprinkle in some cinnamon. These are all great ways how to speed up your metabolism after 40.

 The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

  • a natural laxative and it can improve digestion
  • lowers blood sugar levels
  • improves insulin sensitivity
  • increases satiety and helps people to lose weight
  • reduces belly fat
  • lowers cholesterol
  • lowers blood pressure and improves heart health

Do this every single morning and your pooch (the lower part of your belly) will start to go down. Does anybody name their pooch? We call ours "Winnie" the name just seems fitting.

These are a few other things you can try to boost your metabolism that we recommend. *NONE OF THESE SUPPLEMENTS OR PRODUCTS WILL WORK IF YOU DON’T FOLLOW ALONG WITH A HEALTHY DIET AND EXERCISE.

Best Supplements To Boost Your Metabolism

Sakara Metabolism Super Powder -this powder really has received amazing reviews. It contains superfoods like celery seed, Gymnema sylvestre, L-glutamine, fucoxanthin, and black pepper piperine to increase metabolism, stabilize blood sugar, and help with bloating.

Goli Gummies Curbs Food Cravings -Helps Boost Energy, Stimulant Free , Vegan & Gluten Free - Safe & Effective Daily Supplement

LumenThe first portable device to track metabolism. Lumen's technology has been scientifically proven to accurately measure metabolic fuel usage when compared to the gold standard (RER) for measuring metabolism in multiple validation studies.

Metabolove Curbs Food Cravings - Metabolove Helps Boost Energy - Stimulant Free - Vegan & Gluten Free - Safe & Effective Daily Supplemen.

Increase Metabolism after 40

If you’re over 40, it can be difficult to keep your body burning calories and maintaining a healthy metabolism. But you don’t have to give up! There are a variety of things that you can do to help speed up your metabolism and keep it running efficiently.

From incorporating anti-inflammatory foods like apple cider vinegar, green tea into your diet to supplementing with reputable products, there are plenty of options available for naturally increasing body energy expenditure after 40. Start today by taking small steps towards improving your health and managing your body's metabolic rate. Your body will thank you!

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