Noom Review For Weight Loss: Pros, Cons, and My Honest Experience

Noom Review 2024

As we gear up for a fresh start in 2024, many of us are eyeing our goals, especially those revolving around weight and health. In this post, I am sharing my honest Noom review.

Are you wondering if Noom might just be the spark to ignite your NY resolutions? Well, let me share my honest journey after giving the Noom Weight Loss Program a four-month whirl.

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As someone who aimed to shed around 10 pounds and regularly hits the gym, my main challenge rested in tackling that stubborn lower belly fat—yes, that post-40 clingy bit that just won’t budge.

Visceral fat isn’t just your regular adipose tissue; it’s the sneaky fat hanging around your abdominal area, cuddling organs and posing more than just a “muffin top” threat.

And let me tell you, in my 20s and 30s, losing a bit of belly fat was a breeze, but now, at 43? It's an entirely different ball game. Frustrating? Absolutely.

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What I Loved

The educational prompts in the Noom app felt like having a personal nutritionist in my pocket. It’s user-friendly, and diving into the program and app was a breeze.

What intrigued me most about Noom was its psychology-based approach to weight loss. The emphasis on understanding habits, behaviors, and the psychology behind food choices fascinated me. It wasn’t just about the what, but the why behind my eating patterns.

Their color-coded food categorization system was an eye-opener, revealing the gaps in my nutritional intake. While my scale victories might not have been dramatic (barely five pounds), the insights gained were invaluable.

Plus, the program’s focus on community support and accountability through group chats added a social touch to the weight loss journey.

And the cost? Very reasonable, especially considering the wealth of educational content packed into it.

Noom Pricing

For most Noom Weight users, the 4-month subscription breaks down to $42.25 per month (billed upfront as a 4-month auto-renewing plan at $169).

What’s reassuring is their accessible customer service via phone, a welcome relief for any billing hiccups.

To get started with a plan, individuals interested in Noom usually begin by filling out a questionnaire on our website. This questionnaire covers details like your current weight, desired goal weight, as well as your history with diets and weight management.

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This step typically takes approximately 15 minutes. Following this, you’ll receive a personalized plan, usually designed for about 16 weeks, though it can vary based on your goals.

The plan will include a recommended daily calorie range and a mapped-out projection of your weight loss journey, aiming for a sustainable pace of one to two pounds per week, rooted in evidence-based approaches.

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What Didn't Click for Me: Noom Review

Tracking every bite, though simplified by Noom, eventually felt like too much screen time. It offered a more comprehensive experience than other food trackers (like My Fitness Pal), with levels and quizzes, which I enjoyed.

However, the incessant time spent on the phone left me pondering if there’s a more personalized approach out there.

Another challenge I faced with Noom was the mental space it occupied. Constantly tracking food and calories had me overthinking every meal, which, at times, overshadowed the joy of eating.

It made me realize that being in a stress-free, happy state is when the magic in life truly happens. Unfortunately, the program's focus on meticulous tracking sometimes took away from that sense of ease and enjoyment around food.

Striking a balance between mindful eating and stress-free living felt a tad challenging with the constant need to log and analyze every bite.

Finding that happy medium where healthy eating integrates seamlessly into a relaxed lifestyle might require a different approach than the detailed monitoring Noom offers.

The Results?

Weight-wise, there were fluctuations, but no substantial scale drop. In my four months, I managed to shed about 5 pounds, not at all hitting the mark I had hoped for (10-15 lbs) despite diligently following the program.

Two weeks of travel threw me off a little and I didn't log things because I wanted to enjoy my time off, but still, I feel like I lost a small amount of weight in 4 months.

My Noom Review In a Nutshell

Pros: Educational, user-friendly, reasonable cost.

Cons: Daily tracking, might not suit all lifestyles.

Noom was a treasure trove of weight loss insights, but its daily tracking regimen didn’t align with my long-term goals. And this is my honest Noom review.

However, for those seeking an educational journey and who don’t mind screen time, it might just hit the spot.

I’m sharing my genuine experience because, let's face it, one size doesn't fit all. While some might find success with Noom, many factors play into individual experiences. So, try it and make your own call!

As for me, my focus shifted to ensuring ample protein intake per meal, staying hydrated, supplementing wisely, and fasting!! (So much more to come on fasting with Dr. Mindy Pelz.) I just bought her book "Fast Like A Girl" and I am already feeling different and seeing great results.

Incorporating 10,000 steps a day and Caroline Girvan’s YouTube strength training workouts have been game-changers. She's the real deal!

I finished her Iron Series which was so good. I am trying out all her other series. What I like about her is how quick and efficient the workouts are.

She incorporates music in them and is good about showing you what to do, and what size weights you will need.

While I’m still striving for abs and stronger back muscles, feeling healthy and happy is what truly matters. There's always room for improvement, and every day is a learning curve toward a better me!

Feeling healthy and happy is what really hits the spot. It's not about aiming for perfection—every little step forward counts. Each day's a chance to level up, celebrate the wins, and shrug off the hiccups.

helloSPICA editor Vanessa

This journey isn't just about getting skinnier; it's about digging the vibes, finding joy in the process, and vibing with a healthier, happier me.

So yeah, I'm on it, working towards goals, and loving the ride towards feeling awesome inside out.

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