Do Eyelash Extensions Make You Look Younger?

The Pros and Cons of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelashes can make you have a more youthful and a soft feminine appearance but do eyelash extensions make you look younger? After having my eyelash extensions in for over six months, I can answer all these questions. But first, it's important to know what you are getting yourself into with this beauty treatment.

It’s so important to do your research. I did the homework for you and will share all the pros and cons of getting eyelash extensions. I had my extensions in for six months, which is a fair amount of time to give you my honest feedback, tips, and advice. And I will give you my honest opinion on the important questions of do eyelash extensions make you look younger?

Are Eyelash Extensions Worth It? 

First, let’s discuss the process and what eyelash extensions are. Lash extensions are individually applied synthetic or natural hair fibers that are attached to the base of each eyelash with surgical glue. Each false lash is applied individually.

Finding someone who is certified to apply the lashes is a must. Don't feel weird about asking to see a technician’s license. A good technician will walk you through the various lash extension services and help guide you into the right lash aesthetic for your eyes. So are they worth it and do eyelash extensions make you look younger?

The Different Types of Extensions And Do Eyelash Extensions Make You Look Younger?

There are several types of lash extensions: synthetic, silk, mink, and faux mink. The main difference between lashes comes down to their firmness. Are they real fur, faux, or synthetic? I tried silk extensions which I felt are the most natural looking.

It was also important for me personally, that my extensions were faux. Just a personal preference. Synthetic lashes seemed to have more of a fake look to them and silk lashes hold on and last better than synthetic, so my choice of silk extensions seemed like the right choice if you’re going for a more natural look.

Below I will answer more questions and give you my honest assessment to some of the most googled questions like: Do eyelash extensions make you look younger? Do eyelash extensions make you look prettier? Do eyelash extensions ruin your real lashes (the answer to that is a hard yes btw.)

How Long Do They Last?

You can google this all you want. I can tell you from my personal experience with silk extensions that after wearing them for two weeks, it was time for a fill. When your natural lash sheds, so do the extension that's attached to it — that's why they must be filled. Fourteen days for me was the average time for a fill. No more, no less.

Once, I was traveling and went an entire four weeks without getting them filled, and that was not a good look. It's the same principle that applies to your nails. Whether you get gel, acrylic, or powder, when your natural nail grows, it's time to get them filled. It’s no different with eyelashes. Hair grows, nails grow, and the longer you wait to fill them, the worse they look. Keep reading to find out, do eyelash extensions make you look younger?

The Process

It’s time consuming. On average it takes about an hour and a half. The first application was a two-hour process, but the fills do take less time. Still, it’s a good hour and a half of laying down in the chair (which can also be a great excuse to take a nap.)

It’s comfortable because you're on your back in a sleeping position, but you can’t move and need to be very still. I got restless after thirty minutes.

*WARNING*  Your eyes are taped closed throughout the entire process, which produces an awkward eyelid position that I  personally found extremely unnerving— try to not think about your eyes being taped down and that you can't open them, it's a weird feeling.

When I went for my fill the second time around, I brought headphones and listened to music. I also asked the technician to tape only one eye shut and if she could please work one eye at a time. She had no problem accommodating my request, and the phobia of having both my eyelids shut down was tamed.

Before we get into the pros and cons, you should ask yourself these questions.

  1. Do I have a tendency to rub my eyes a lot?
  2. Have I had any recent eye surgery or procedure?
  3. Do I have allergies?
  4. Do I have a stye or any sensitivities that could make it difficult

The Pros of Having Eyelash Extensions

  • Your lashes look longer, thicker and fuller, because of the extensions. The length and volume make your eyes open up. I felt so beautiful and feminine with the extensions. But the question is, do eyelash extensions make you look younger?
  • They look surprisingly natural. (Especially within the first week when they are fresh.) The extensions are applied one at a time using a specially-formulated, semi-permanent glue that will allegedly not irritate or allegedly damage the natural lash. The lashes look beautiful and natural.

  • You don’t have to wear mascara which saves you time and it's one less thing to add your morning makeup routine.

  • The lashes make you feel put together. I wore less makeup because it felt nice to go more natural with everything else.

The Cons Of Wearing Eyelash Extension

  • They're costly. A full set can run anywhere from $150-300 dollars. Fills can be a minimum of $100 (which is the average price.) Anywhere that charges less than that, be cautious.

  • Upkeep. They are high maintenance. It takes time and effort to have them, so think about how much time you are willing to spend on upkeep. 

  • You can't rub your eyes and need to be careful how you sleep. It's surprising how much you touch your eyes throughout the day and sometimes it feels nice to rub your eye or smoosh your face in your pillow.

  • Extensions can lead to the loss of your natural lashes. After six months of maintaining my extensions, I took them off to give my natural lashes a breather, and my real eyelashes were much shorter and almost non-existent. (And that was being very careful and going to a very good place. I personally think extensions do damage your natural lash.) It took 6 months for my natural lashes to grow and I still think they are not as long and thick as they used to be.

  • You cannot wash your face with an oil-based cleanser. The oils and cream will loosen the lash glue.

  • There's also a chance you could have an allergic reaction to the glue or the lashes.

There you have it. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to this beauty treatment.

Eyelash Extension Alternatives

A good alternative if you don't love your natural lashes, and don't want to get eyelash extensions, is the Magnetic SL-Eyeliner Kit.  Magnetic lashes skip the adhesive entirely by using tiny magnets to attach to the lashline. The queen of clean beauty Kourtney Kardashian gives a video tutorial on how she applies them. The reviews on Trust Pilot for the Magnetic SL-Eyeliner Kit scores 4.4 out 5 stars.

Another alternative is the Kiss Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit.

Whatever route you go, do your research and homework before making any decision. There are so many options and choices thrown out at us all the time, so go over the pros and cons and decide what works for you. 

Oh and I almost forgot. Do eyelash extensions make you look younger? Well, the extensions open up your eyes and therefore make your eyes pop and look more noticeable. They add a very sweet feminine look to your overall face and look, which I think can in turn add a more youthful appearance to your face.

I personally would rather spend my money on good skincare and treatments and when I want to have long lashes, then just go for the alternatives I listed out above. My opinion is that eyelash extensions are a lot of time and money to keep in. I think they are good to have on for a short amount of time but I just don't think they are sustainable to maintain for a long period of time.

And lastly, and perhaps most importantly, they did absolute make my real lashes shorter and damage them. I had to use a lash serum to speed up the growth of my natural lashes—so my advice to you, is go for the alternatives or just wear mascara and call it a day.

Have you had eyelash extensions before? Did you like them? What was your experience? Do eyelash extensions make you look younger or feel prettier? What are your thoughts? Leave us your comments below.

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