Lilac St lash uptown

-A structured, fluffy, artful lash. The Uptown features wispy separated clusters of lashes with incredibly soft, fine volume in each cluster. This distinctive lash is designed for a modern, worldly look fit for the steps of the Met.
-Enjoy Uptown's feather-soft volume that still works with a 'light' lash look. The mod style of the separate lash clusters is most apparent on longer lengths. At shorter lengths, this lash looks most similar to our French Lace. Dressed up or down, Uptown always exudes a chic, effortless sense of cool.


  • 10 lash clusters, 10mm - 16mm in length
  • Korean Silk lash fibers: vegan & cruelty free
  • Somewhere between¬†a "C" and a "D" curl in lash extensions
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