Welcome To Life In Your 40s and Beyond

Look Good, Feel Good, Age Good

Congrats, you've made it to the middle, welcome to life in your 40s. We are thrilled to launch helloSPICA (pronounced HELLO SPEE-KUH) and wanted to take the opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are Vanessa Camozzi (pronounced VAH-NESS-A KAH-MOTZ-ZI) and Yuko Shimizu (pronounced YOU-KO SHE-ME-ZOO.)

We’ve been best friends since our mid-20s, back when we knew everything. Now in our 40s and more curious than ever, we decided to create a space and community to talk about everything when it comes to getting older.

A photo of friends smiling together in the city of Paris and welcome to life in your 40s
Yuko (left) Vanessa (right)

helloSPICA is a modern lifestyle guide inspiring you to age brightly. We want to show all the ways you can age— because it’s not one way. This is an online platform and creative space to converse, share, and get inspired about becoming older and optimizing the second half of your life! Life in your 40s can be awesome. Welcome to life in your 40s!

A Lifestyle Guide For Grown-Ups: Welcome To Life In Your 40s

We’re a platform with a smart, chic-aesthetic, challenging the typical stereotypes for adults north of 40. We are a stylish, curious, and creative group— growing into our age, living longer, and healthier lives than ever before. At helloSPICA we recommend the things we love, share tips + advice, and age as we please.

Our soul purpose is to revolve + evolve. Because it’s not just about your age, it’s how you grow into it. We will be curating amazing ideas and products that are important to us, and we will only share what we love. We promise to give you our honest recommendations and share all the tips + advice possible. Welcome to life in your 40s!

What’s in a Name?

helloSpica is the brightest light in the constellation Virgo and is one of the brightest stars visible from anywhere on Earth. Metaphorically speaking, we’re all bright stars shining and sharing this planet, so let’s continue to age in the brightest way possible. Follow us on our hashtag #agingbrightly

What We’re About: Life In Your 40s

We want helloSPICA to help shape the culture and language of what it means to age in today’s world. We live in a commercial and social media-driven society, what we see and watch has a huge impact on our views on aging. Welcome to life in your 40s!

At helloSPICA we want to show all the angles and have an open and inquisitive approach to life.If you are reading this, it’s because you are a curious, and creative person, growing into your age.

“We are living longer, healthier lives than ever before, filled with technology not imagined even just a generation ago, it’s time to really understand and optimize the second half of our life.”

Vanessa Camozzi: Co-Founder and Editor

Vanessa is a self-care advocate. An expert on anything related to beauty and wellness. She is extra-obsessed with clean-beauty, healthy eating, guided meditation and is always spa-ready.

A former collegiate tennis player and athlete, Vanessa considers herself equal parts sporty and girly. She must have her nails polished at all times. She’s a city girl from Washington, DC that also loves nature and animals. Her spirit animal is the Australian Quokka.

a photo of a woman in her 40s and welcome to life in your 40s
Vanessa Camozzi

Personal: On a spiritual journey, practicing yoga and meditating daily. Married for 20+ years, a globe trotter with great travel tips, and a major sweet tooth, loves sharing healthy dessert recipes. Can make dumplings from scratch and will pickle anything! A Hello Kitty enthusiast, interested in Pop Art, original Nintendo (NES), and astrology. Loves a good documentary. Always up for a glass of wine with good company.

Personal Style: Dressy/Casual loves a well-structured monochromatic dress. Wears all black everything (from top to bottom) but also the more color, and florals, the better. Kitten heels, cashmere sweaters, silk robes, leggings, and sneakers are her personal favorites.

Personal Goals: Travel the world, take acting classes, keep warping to the next level like Mario, and finish reading Don Quixote.

Age-related topics she is most interested in: Skincare, health+wellness, clean eating and superfoods, travel, lifestyle, brainpower +memory, budgeting tips, and Alzheimer's care.

Favorite quote about aging: “I am not young enough to know everything” ~Oscar Wilde

Most used apps: Insight Timer, Astrology Zone, iTunes Podcasts, Apple Music, Instagram and Trivia Crack

Organizations /Non-Profits she is passionate about: Alzheimer’s Association (a disease that runs in her family, this is a close cause to Vanessa) and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

Yuko Shimizu: Co-Founder and Editor

Yuko is an avid DIY’er when it comes to home improvement and crafting. A lover of flat-faced cats (total Exotic Shorthair cat mom), she lives in coastal California and knows all the best hiking spots and camping grounds on the west coast. She and her partner have never met a National Park they didn’t love.

a photo of a woman in her 40s and welcome to life in your 40s
Yuko Shimizu

Personal: On a personal finance journey learning about savings and how to invest. Trying to lead a more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyle and educating herself on composting and using biodegradable products. Can make a mean “Donburi” (Japanese rice bowl) and is passionate about skincare and grey hair-care products.

Personal Style: Tomboy chic. Will choose a tailor-fitted trouser and silk scarf over a dress any day of the week. Shoe obsessed. Prefers men’s watches, and has a knack for picking out the best eyewear frames.

Personal Goals: Learn to skateboard, play the guitar, and hold a good headstand.

Age-related topics she is most curious about: Grey hair, menopause, financial planning, gardening, and how to care for aging parents.

Favorite quote about aging: “We don’t grow older, we grow riper.” – Pablo Picasso

Most used apps: iTunes Podcast, Google Keep, Mint, and Ovia

Organizations/nonprofits she is passionate aboutThe American Cancer Society (cancer runs in Yuko’s family,) and the Persian & Himalayan Cat rescue.

We hope you enjoy all of our content here at helloSPICA. Come join a mature tribe with good vibes

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