The Best Wineries In Mendoza

The Magic of Mendoza
BY Vanessa Camozzi On October 3, 2022

Travel To Mendoza To Wine and Dine

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There’s no better place in the world to sip world-class quality wine and this article I will tell you the best wineries in Mendoza. We've been to Mendoza, Argentina on about five different occasions, and given the opportunity, we would go at least another 500 more to visit some of the best wineries out there. It's also just a short airplane ride from the capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There’s even a local airport smack in the middle of the city, so it’s an extremely easy two-hour flight from the capital.

One might wonder how or why I've been to Mendoza so many times, and the short answer is, I married an Argentine, and Buenos Aires is my adopted city, having lived there for about eight years. To say I know myself around a good Malbec is an understatement.

Malbec is the queen of all grape varieties in Argentina and is an obvious choice for the soil and climate type in Mendoza. The little amount of rain and vast temperature differences between day and night are all highly conducive to growing quality wine grapes.

The Best Wineries In Mendoza: The Beauty Of Mendoza's Wineries

So what exactly makes Mendoza so special? How about consistent clear blue skies, and mountain views, with the Andes, lined up in the distance every which way you look, and again mighty queen Malbec. Mendoza is the perfect destination to go with a group of girlfriends, or as a romantic get-a-way with your significant other. It vibes both ways. In this article I will tell you the best wineries in Mendoza.

Valle De Uco is the area you have to visit and is about an hour drive south from the city of Mendoza, it is truly one of the best wineries in Mendoza. The downtown area called Lujan de Cuyo is pretty, but I prefer heading deeper to the South, where it’s also more luxurious.

This is my fave area/region called Valle de Uco. Valle de Uco is the southwest region of Mendoza, it’s situated along the Tunuyán River, and is widely considered one of the top wine regions in Mendoza, and all of Argentina. It’s also usually always sunny in this area or at least for about 250 days out of the year, so your Las Vegas betting odds are very good to see the sol.

Bodega DiamAndes in Valle de Uco and the best wineries in Mendoza
Bodega DiamAndes in Valle de Uco

*Travel tip. When going to all of the tastings, bring sunglasses, wear sunblock, hydrate with lots of water in between tastings and make sure to nibble on small bites as you sip, nobody likes a sloppy drunk. It’s recommended to do about three wineries per day.

You will need a reservation everywhere you go, so plan ahead and map it out. Mendoza is so spread out, so you will need to hire a driver to take you to all of the wineries. This is parr for the course so just do a little research about car services and drivers it’s super common and affordable to have somebody drive you around to each winery location. These so far are some of the best wineries in Mendoza

If I wrote a book, I think I would call it ‘Me, Myself and Malbec.’ (But my other bestie would also be Torrontes) An emblematic white wine variety, the result of the genetic crossing of two varieties brought to the country in colonial times: the so-called “uva negra” and Muscat of Alexandria or “uva de Italia.” The combination of temperature and humidity provides the ideal environment for the growth of the sweet and deep fruit flavor. Drink the Torrontes Kool-Aid, it’s so damn good.

The Best Wineries in Valle de Uco

Bodega DiamAndes is my personal favorite winery of all. What I love about this winery is yes, of course, the wine, but whilst sipping a Malbec aged from a french oak barrel you also get to soak up a lesson in architecture and design. The winery’s architecture is the work of Mendocinian Architects Mario Yanzón and Eliana Bórmida. One of the governing principles of the project is the essential connection existing between wine and nature.

Clos de los Siete- 850 hectares (2,100 acres) of vines at the foot of the Andes Mountains. It’s 4 bodegas run by 4 passionate Bordeaux families. There is one single wine named “Clos de los Siete”, blended by Michel Rolland, the originator of the project. It’s one hell of a compound of grapes. The staff are all super friendly, and who isn’t in a good mood after a glass or two of the good stuff!

La Azul – Located at the foot of Cordón del Plata. This a much smaller more intimate winery which I am a big fan of. Try the La Azul Gran Reserva, which has been aging for two years in French and American oak barrels. Grab a bite to eat at La Azul Restó a great place to have a delicious Argentinean meal, paired with unique wines. They serve Criolla food, which is to say it’s authentic food from the region, a mix made of ancestral food from the Andes and Mediterranean ingredients with recipes and ingredients passed down from generations. Think lots of escabeches, empanadas, asado, and they have a special bondiola braseada as well.

The Vines of Mendoza Tasting Room-This is the bougie treat yourself option from all the other locations. Here you will experience some of the best quality wine, food, and the real gem is the resort spa, set amidst 1,500 acres of private vineyards. It’s basically heaven.

Cavas Wine Lodge- The wine is good, the lodging is even better. First class service, with so much attention to detail. But you better be prepared to open that wallet. The cheapest luxury room will run you around $750 USD a night. And the Grand Villa room which is really two bedrooms and a living area will cost you $3,200. On the upside, if you’re a foreigner you don’t pay the IVA tax of 21%.

Casa De Uco Vineyards and Wine Resorts
And lastly, my favorite spot to have an amazing lunch or dinner is Casa De Uco. When I ordered my dish, I actually saw a chef go into the back garden area to pick out some of the fresh ingredients he made to order. This scenery and ambiance is absolutely magical.

I hope you enjoyed this article for you next trip to Argentina to visit the best wineries in Mendoza! If you enjoyed this article be sure to check out: Tastiest Spanish Avocado Toast Recipe

There's Always Time For A Glass of Wine!
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