Best Back Posture Correctors

PTM Wellbrace - Posture Corrector

  • < Doctor Designed & Developed Brand - This product is suitable for both Women and Men - It comes in different sizes and is adjustable, 1 of the pictures is a size chart to get a more customized fit
  • < Fix & Relive Pain From Bad Posture - The PTM back/posture corrector has been designed to improve posture and prevent and heal pathologies related to bad-posture. The product has two pieces supporting by the shoulders and adjusting by the abdominal area for the necessary tension. The armholes are padded to provide greater comfort.
  • < How it Works - The pressure applied on the ends of the product make the shoulders go backwards. In this way, the spinal column adopts a correct posture. The size of the fasteners allows to adjust the level of pressure to apply on the back/posture corrector. The padded material prevents the pressure applied to concentrate in only one area, a cause of irritation and/or pain.
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