Best Back Posture Correctors

Chirp Wheel XL Foam Roller

  • WIDER, THICKER BACK STRETCHING DEVICE: Our x-large Chirp wheel is seven inches wide, ten inches in diameter, and 50% thicker. It's designed to provide those with sensitive backs and tight muscles with a comfortable back cracker and roller. The back stretcher has a maximum weight capacity of 500 lbs.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: Not all backs are the same, so we created a lower back stretcher for those with sensitive, tight, and larger backs. The stretching equipment's broader base and thicker padding help loosen tight muscles without discomfort on the spine and back.
  • BALANCE NOT REQUIRED: Anyone can easily roll on the Super Comfort spine stretcher. A wider base means incredible stability, but the back cracker device is still narrow enough. It can massage those hard-to-reach muscles near your spine.
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