PTM Wellbrace - Adjustable Back-Posture Corrector - Elastic

  • < Doctor Designed & Developed Brand - This product is suitable for both Women and Men - It comes in different sizes and is adjustable, 1 of the pictures is a size chart to get a more customized fit
  • < Fix & Relive Pain From Bad Posture - The PTM back/posture corrector has been designed to improve posture and prevent and heal pathologies related to bad posture. The product has two pieces supporting the shoulders and adjusting the abdominal area for the necessary tension. The armholes are padded to provide greater comfort.
  • < How it Works - The pressure applied on the ends of the product makes the shoulders go backward. In this way, the spinal column adopts a correct posture. The size of the fasteners allows you to adjust the level of pressure to apply on the back/posture corrector. The padded material prevents the pressure applied to concentrate in only one area, a cause of irritation and/or pain.
  • < Help Yourself, Neck, Back, & Shoulders - This posture corrector is designed to be worn over your clothes. so wear it at the office while in front of your computer or even around the house to help keep your shoulders and spine aligned properly.
  • < Pathologies - * Cervical, thoracic and/or lumbar pain * Lower backache * Protrusions * Disc Hernias * Myalgia * Prophylaxis * Cifosis. Also, this product is NOT made in China
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