Night Bra
Night Bra

La Decollette Night Bra

  • UNIQUE FABRICS: 80% Polyamid, 20% Elastan, skin side Cotton 92%,8% Elastan, filling 100% Polyamid (Comforel)
  • THE ORIGINAL EUROPEAN ANTI WRINKLE BRA. La Decollette the one size fits all Anti-Wrinkle59.93 & Creases Cleavage Sleep Bra
  • NATURAL SKIN HEALING. For maintaining a nice smooth and tight neckline, based on the natural healing ability of the skin. Naturally comfortable alternative to silicone pad with a much longer lifespan.
  • SMOOTH NECKLINE & CLEAVAGE. European Anti-Wrinkle Bra to keep your cleavage smooth. After just 1 night you will notice that chest and cleavage wrinkles will start disappearing. After 2 weeks optimum results are achieved.
  • ¬†SCIENTIFICALLY TESTED IN PARIS. The ONLY, original anti-aging bra with proven scientific results, worldwide known.
  • DUTCH DESIGN by La Decollette is a bra which is used at night and made of the best European AAA materials. Adjustable in width from 26 to max 39 inches no XXL and higher!(Scroll down for more info)
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