A Healthy Aging Scalp and The Best Dandruff Treatment

Electric Head Massager

  • $ Deep scalp massage: MXM2MXM smart head massager, 108 independent massage nodes. Each node can be rotated 360° to knead the scalp, red light care can promote scalp health
  • $ 4 modes: MXM2MXM handheld scalp massager, there are three functional modes for users to choose: kneading + vibration massage + red light care.  Suitable for use on the whole body. 
  • $ Waterproof design: IPX7 waterproof design, can be used even in the shower. The massage node is designed as removable silicone, it won't entangle the hair, and it is easy to be cleaned.
  • $ Wireless and portable: This electric scalp massager is powered by a built-in lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery. With a wireless and portable design, so you can enjoy a massage anytime, anywhere.
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