Eco Bag

Canvas Market Tote


-Just when you think you’ve met all the totes—this multitalented canvas dynamo shows up. It has enough features to fill a book, but we’ll do our very best to be brief. Apart from that almost-indestructible build, it’s got pockets (six in the classic cream, eight in the caper) for everything on your list. There's a nook for your carton of milk, a sleeve for your eggs, even a little seatbelt for your flowers on the exterior that keeps water from leaking into the bag—and with room to spare for produce, too. We haven’t even gotten to the sturdy vegan leather handles or the key ring, either…

Tote measures: 11.00" W x 11.00" L x 13.00" H
Handles are 12" from bag to top of handle
6 external pockets measure 3.5"x3.5"x11"
Internal pocket measures 4.5x5x11"
Insulated Insert measures: 5.00" W x 10.00" L x 11.00" H

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